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Self- love sessions

Step into a new empowered version of yourself 

What is self-love

It means to feel empowered to show up as your best self. A version of you who believes fully in herself and her abilities.

To love and fully appreciate who you are inside and out. To love who you are and how you look.

To care more about your own opinion of yourself not what others think. Letting go of negative self -talk and the fear of judgement.

It means to intentionally change your mindset to one of self love, belief and confidence. Doing the inner work to create this shift in you.

It means to have the clarity, courage and confidence to create a life you truly love and show up as the person you are meant to be.


I know that with a little bit of support, guidance and accountability you can become the best version of YOURself and create a life you love


I have been on my own journey of self-love and self-development for years. I have learned how to transform my mindset, up level my self-esteem and manifest a life I love. I have battled with my own self-worth for many years but it has been doing the inner work to change my mindset that has given me back the confidence to show up for myself and create a life I want to live.

Developing a mindset of self-love and belief is the foundation of my life coaching sessions.  My coaching mixes practical steps with NLP, positive psychology and a little bit of manifestation magic! Get ready for the best personal development experience of your life!

Self- love sessions

1:1 life Coaching program

You are ready to transform your inner world and learn to think differently about yourself and your life.

You know with some guidance and support you could step into complete confidence, take action and create your desired life on purpose.

You want to make the very most of your life and step into your full potential.

Say goodbye to negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and fears and say hello to showing up, confidence and the best version of yourself

Create a plan for your life that you love, feel aligned with and inspired to take action to make happen.

Breakthrough the ceiling you are currently at and create a new level of success, happiness, abundance and fulfilment.


How can a coaching series help me?

You will find the direction, focus and clarity your life needs

Create powerful goals and take inspired action toward finally achieving what you want

Stop living in fear and self-doubt and step into a new confident version of yourself

Eradicate limiting beliefs that are holding you back and cultivate a mindset that works for you

Enjoy getting to know yourself better and fall in love with the new future you are creating for yourself

Say goodbye to your comfort zone and uplevel your life

Stop complaining about feeling stuck or making no progress and start to LOVE YOUR LIFE!



You are ready to dig deep and focus on what you want to create in life!

You are ready to take action to make it happen!

You are committed to our sessions and time together!

You are ready to invest in yourself to finally make the changes you desire!


You want someone else to give you the answers and fix it for you.

You are not committed to taking the action to create the changes.

You don’t want to invest in yourself

Private 1:1 Coaching Series includes:


Pre-coaching questionnaire

This will help you begin the journey to discovering exactly where you are right now, what you want from life and what is holding you back. This gives me the chance to get to know you better before we chat. this is required to be completed before your complimentary consultation.

Complimentary consultation

This is a 30-40 minute call for us to discuss your questionnaire and explore if we are a good fit to work together before you commit to a full coaching series.

6 One Hour Coaching Calls

Each session will be specifically tailored to your individual needs at that time.  I’ll help you create powerful goals, outcomes and actions each week to keep you moving forward, achieving your goals and creating the life you want. Our calls take place online via zoom. I am here to give you the guidance, support and motivation you need.

Sessions will include a variety of mindset techniques and tools including NLP, EFT, and powerful visualisations.


Support between sessions

I am here to support you in between our sessions via email or by message. This will help keep you on track, get accountability and progressing forward at all times.


The total cost for the full 6 sessions and support over the 3 month coaching series is £600 when paid in full. Payment options available on request.

How to work with me

The first thing you need to do is book your complementary consultation using the button below.

Once you have done this you will receive the link to your pre-coaching questionnaire and our online call.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Happy Clients

"You have really changed my life for the better, the blocks I have faced throughout my life are finally diminishing and I know I have started on the path to really harness my personal strengths and push past the things that have always held me back. So thank you for that" Louise Worrall

"I feel like a light has been turned on inside and there is no doubt that my coaching sessions with Louise has helped make this happen" IM

" I started the first session unsure but by the end, I had much more clarity. The coaching from Louise and the mindset shifts I’ve had mean I can apply a different approach to things. I’m calm, more confident in myself and happy! " Claire @ willowtreecorner

If you have read this page then there is something inside you that knows there is more waiting for you. You have that inner feeling that you are meant for bigger things. I believe we should all live our lives on purpose and when we have dreams it is up to us to make them happen! So why not go for it?! Working with me will give you the support and accountability to really take action and make progress. Our sessions are totally confidential and you will have space and time to open up, share and dig deep to find what you truly want. I see you! Take this opportunity to say YES! to yourself and start creating an amazing life you have been dreaming of! It is possible! You are worthy!

Louise xx