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Release limiting beliefs, clear trapped emotions and expand your self-worth to supercharge your success.

Is this you?

You know that if you could just get out your own way, there is a next level waiting for you. Your ambition is strong but your sensitive nature keeps you playing small.

You feel completely and utterly frustrated with where you are in life (personally and professionally), lack the motivation and clarity to change things, stuck in a financial rut and feel further away from your ambitious goals than ever before.

You feel you are doing all the things but you know deep down there’s something more to why you are not attracting clients or hitting those income goals or living out that vision board life. 

You have grown up being told you’re too shy or too sensitive, or generally just felt very misunderstood and you are seeing this pattern play out in your life and business. 

You can visualise that business, the money goals and lifestyle you want but the overwhelm and confusion is too much and you return to procrastination and daydreaming.

Your confidence and self-worth needs a serious boost. How can you manifest your dream life and biz when you don’t feel worthy of what you want?

Yes? It’s time for a subconscious shift. 

When you clear whats holding you back at the subconscious level you expand your capacity to step into your best self, realise your highest potential and attract success with ease,

Subconscious reprogramming sessions 

* Deep dive into your subconscious to understand what is really holding you back

* Identify limiting beliefs or fears and erase then. Clear trapped emotions lingering from the past. Basically begin to free yourself from what has been holding you back.

* Using subconscious reprogramming techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Clinical Hypnotherapy and TIME Techniques to rewrite your beliefs, shift your energy and change your self concept,

* Understand how your mindset and energy helps you create the results and success you want.

* Step into confident and aligned action. No more overwhelm and frustration. Just successful results.


This is for you if you feel 

  • Stuck in imposter syndrome, a lack of confidence and self-worth and this is holding you back from the career you truly want
  • Stuck or trapped on the hamster wheel of life but you KNOW you are meant for so much more. 
  • You notice yourself getting stuck in procrastination or self-sabotage and you have no idea why. 
  • Despite all your efforts you can not break through the money ceiling you are at.
  • Your self-worth needs an overhaul and you know that this is showing up in the relationships you attract.
  • Stress, overwhelm and frustration seem to be running the show and you are ready for a fresh approach.

Or maybe you just feel stuck and ready for a massive transformation. 

Even if you don’t know what the issue is. Your subconscious does. 

Transformation begins at the subconscious level so if you are ready to step into your highest potential and absolute best self. You are in the right place. 


When you clear what’s keeping you stuck at the subconscious level you become limitless! 


You have tried the inner work, read the books, taken the courses but nothing is changing. I can help you discover the root cause of what is keeping you stuck.


Do you remember who you were before? That version of you that felt free, ambitious and determined. Before the hurt, negative comments and limiting beliefs took over. She is back.


The past no longer controls you. You release the limits you have placed on yourself for years and finally step into the version of you that embodies her highest potential.


You have an inner vision for your life and business. Now is the time to turn that into a plan that you will make happen in the next 90 days.


Change has to occur inside and out. Take action from a place of clarity and confidence like never before. No more yo yo action. You are a consistency queen.


You show up and shine in your life and business. Finally your inner daydreams and hidden ambition have become your every day reality.


Two Options 


Intensive Breakthrough

One Month Package

4 x 1 hour subconscious reprogramming sessions

Unlimited support between sessions (office hours)

Sessions are held online weekly over one month. All sessions are confidential and bespoke to you.

Investment is £555


Limitless Expansion

3 Month Package

1 x 90 Minute NLP goal setting session & subconscious reprogramming

4 x 60 minute subconscious reprogramming & coaching sessions

1 x 90 minute Future You Hypnotherapy Session & coaching session

Unlimited support between sessions (office hours)

Sessions are held online fortnightly. All sessions are confidential and bespoke to you.


Investment is £999 (Payment plan available)

My mission

My mission is to help you become the most confident, happiest version of yourself.

You know that you are settling right now and life just doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore. You have dreams and desires of how life could be.

I am here to help you change your mindset, discover your purpose and create a life filled with happiness and success.

Find clarity on what it is you want from life.

Stop hiding behind fear, self-doubt and insecurity.

Stop caring more about what others might think and start caring more about your own thoughts.

Develop a mindset conditioned for happiness and success.

Create a plan for your life and understand the inspired action steps you need to take to get you there.

Fall in love with the future you can create for yourself!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. If you are ready for more from this one life you have, let’s do this!


Why Me

As an introvert, HSP, empath and big dreamer, I know that when we have a vision for the life we want we can start to take simple steps every day to make our dreams come true.

I believe in the power that each of us has to create the life they want. I believe in that for you. I am fully dedicated to my clients and will give you 100% support, motivation and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

I am a certified practitioner in NLP, EFT, clinical hypnosis and T.I.M.E techniques. I am a lifelong learner and love using my training to help others improve their lives.

I have a degree in psychology and business management. I am a certified Life and Success Coach. I first trained in life coaching with the Beautiful You coaching Academy in 2017. I then went on to study Life and Success coaching with Yes Supply in 2019. My training includes coaching, positive psychology, journal therapy.